The Summa chair was created to satisfy the need for a high-specification board room chair. Requested by a number of interior architecture firms for projects that require product made form classy materials yet still embodying Humanscale's seating dynamic principles, the Summa chair has an exclusive counter-balance mechanism. It was designed to be completely integrated into the form factor of the chair, while supporting the users body in the same intuitive manner - no lever and no adjustment required. The structural integrity of the chair could be provided by either a high-gloss composite shell, a 3D molded wood veneer shell or a fully upholstered back.
Materials and Manufacturing Process: Die cast aluminum, Compression molded composite, Sheet steel stamping, Injection molded ABS, 3d Molded wood veneer, PU foam, Leather and fabric upholstery
Collaborators: Emilian Cartis, Toshi Fukaya, HS Engineering
Company: Humanscale
Year: 2020
Product Name: Summa Conference Chair
Product Type: Seating