M/Flex, Humanscale’s multi-monitor arm system, can go from one to six monitors in minutes, without the need for tools. M/Flex can integrate with any standard work surface through a wide number of attachments on a single post—seamlessly transforming a traditional workspace into a dynamic, ergonomic workstation.
Unlike conventional monitor arm systems, M/Flex has a small footprint and its aesthetic won’t overpower the existing workspace. Its modular design and strength ensure exceptional performance. As monitors continue to evolve, M/Flex’s versatility makes it the perfect multi-monitor solution for a changing technology landscape.
Materials and Manufacturing Process: Die-cast aluminum, sheet metal stamping, injection molded ABS, machined teflon
Collaborators: HS Engineering, Mesve Vardar (design)
Company: Humanscale
Year: 2010
Product Name: Mflex
Product Type: Monitor Arms
Awards: IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Innovations Awards